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Enterprise brings new proprietary ‘IPs Katmandu companion in global markets, the theme parks, resorts, feature films, episodic series, carrots and beyond.

Hotel Melia joint venture of the head of the real estate that brings a global presence operating with major tourist destinations of the city, The 40 countries.

ORLANDO, Fla., July 7, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The proven success theme park in Europe, creating an award-winning team, patented technologies and access to the first global real estate for tourist destinations: The Global falcon ‘Co has launched in a fully integrated enterprise to propel the story-driven, worldwide entertainment experience.

Until now, however, proven nearly impossible to develop most rapidly in the middle of the IP franchises content, carrots, hard rock, and the location-themed entertainment, all at the same time.

The new enterprise, a joint venture with a GT Melia Hotels International, will only vertically-integrated entertainment powerhouse that can simultaneously stimulate the intellectual property Transmedia the full spectrum – with the potential to transform the $ 440 billion class hospitality and entertainment.

Melia, leisure and the properties of the hotel a group of 40 of the countries of the world, # 1 in the 390+, for the first time is a number of places on the beach, the park is: in addition to the theme of developing a godly + is in the Falcons, in agreement with the properties of combos with the praetorian ship against a number of continents.

After such that the first formalized looking in the direction recommended intake Planning Group united by the creative designer kite stable Katmandu mourning consumer-entertainment group.

This means fully integrated created is powerful at the source of simultaneous Activations IP-entertainment program on media streaming Park site of the acquisition, brick, and the master plan goal intake immersive peanut means the plan of creation right in the world agree, and park kind of operation.

Expanding and Evolving to IP Katmandu

A major for the first time, it will focus on the look out for its use IP indicator Expanderand the rapid example, the first time that the wholly-owned “Katmandu” IP is already popular with thousands of Europeans who visited Sunday Katmandu Park & ​​Resort in Mallorca, Spain, and a growing list of Katmandu-branded kids camp better Sun Hotels.

When audiences thunder without visiting Katmandu’s all intertwined tales, in which the mythical characters into wild adventures, data wondered immersive imaginative realms and domains that elusive ape with large multicultural cast of adventurers.

Along with new characters, a series of video streaming, and the business will not suffer proven IP Katmandu brick and mortar expansion. With the unique technological capabilities, and he saw from there a statue of Katmandu outside the class theme park that the first of the countries of the world, they might stir up the minds of the ride and attraction of centralized to the custom of all the story “it is also a legend in his own order, as it were” tied up, to each of the digitally, and the entertainment in his house.

It is a program to move forward in the park in the Katmandu additional use of melia resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Tenerife, and Spain and the key of the other tourist destinations.

It is an enabling

«Intuitus est trans Global significat ultimum compositum ex summa, gravida feugiat condimentum potentiale mobilis dissertus audiebant et verus praedium scalability et imaginariam expansion in multitudo et genera,” inquit Caecilius D. Magpuri, CEO of intuitus est trans Global et conditor originale intuitus est Creative Group . “We develop an inclusive, story-driven experiences we had with extraordinary speed to market and remove all IP judgment of his peers study challenges developers face when attempting and this on their own.”

“We really enabling it is impossible,” said Scott ransomed Ultra executive chairman of Falcon and co-founder of Katmandu Global Group. ‘Our partnership with our improvement through a new playbook for building cost-effective,’ Big- experience, Small Footprint, theme parks, a beach resort communities with mixed-use entertainment spaces. Super quibus cum execratione in supplementum nec intuitus est Global technology, consilio, scientia et media ad hanc aequationem. As soon as it’s only offering something that they never had access to communities. This is a huge benefit of the developers, IPS emerging, and, therefore, the entertainment giants, might do so. “

delivery “Big-experience Small Footprint,” Parker

Hotel Melia together, and come in 2012 Katmandu Group first joint venture to launch a themed Katmandu Moon Resort & Park in Mallorca and complement the beach holiday experience by providing ‘entertainment rooms. “Rocketed-of-proof of concept to top out melia portfolio the sun, and in the name of the # 1 in Europe also a lodging: Awards and innovation at the hotel in Europe for a service, of the more than 100,000 hotels. trivago Global Hotel in the name of the park, 1 + #, they do this when they were marching into Spain with the Kids. Elverum the name of the Katmandu Park in the top 3 Orci from the one of the best parks in Spain, three in the order of 2020, and as the best choice.

He looked out across elevate this unique, proven model of “big-experience Small Footprint” theme parks in Katmandu and other IPs in the world, leveraging the joint venture of the better that global operating presence gives a change of any tourist destination in the Americas , Europe, Asia and beyond. He looked down at the better setting forth the rights of the mellowing years have also made great beyond all others in all the discussions in the IPS has been said, and with unheard-of Transmedia speeds. The company has worked on the design and planning of projects totaling $ 100 billion, and won numerous design awards in its own attractions and the world safe.

Clinical and Pop Rock Park

Traditional “mega theme parks’ planning to require at least 6-8 years, billions in investment, easy real estate acquisition, transfer new infrastructures, urban planning and construction of 5-7 years.

Apart from looking in the direction delivers the note.

He looked out of the property and attractions are the world’s feeling kind of cutting-edge feel tossed the first of its kind. Patented technologies can create their own unique experiences are a mega-park “big-experience Small Footprint,” Parker – resorts in dense leverage existing and underused land into tourist hotspots. He looked out across the parks can be deployed in as little as a fraction of the cost of the small window of 24-36 mega park, to provide Falcon and clever, are ongoing.

A real Disruptor

“It is committed to bringing extraordinary experiences for guests around the world,” said Music Gerondeau, Chief Operating and better Hotels International. “Katmandu-theme parks and resorts will be a vital part of the story is moving forward, and I feel that this initiative us or working in five years from the rest of the hospitality delivering ‘entertainment rooms. In order for the better thrilled with the work, and being a skilled and creative development the experts looked at the outside. “

«He looked towards the other side of contrary to what had been done, imaginative, and at the first, deployed the IP activation of an example in all shifts the statute of the entertainment industry model,” he says, the industry leader Ken Faier, the founder of Epic the agency of intermediate a full-service, or the Creator, they were driven the kids entertainment company. “We, I have first-hand delivery, their epic collaboration is to discover whether they are really excited. Is an exciting experience for families looking in great demand around the largest IP “.

He looked out across the Global Press
Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, he looked out across the Global Co is a fully integrated entertainment experiences that top tier enterprise specializing in intellectual property expansion program. The company provides proprietary and partner IPs to global markets operated its own right, the theme parks, resorts, attractions, patented technologies, feature films, episodic series, carrots, licensing and beyond. The company has won design awards and provided design services in numerous countries around the world 39. It is composed of four core divisions: the falcon’s Treehouse (master planning and design) Falco of Digital Media, Falcon’s license, and the look of Park & ​​Resort. Storytelling is the guiding force, after all, and he looked down, at that time outside projects in a matter of the pure should be thought of. For more information, visit www.falconsbeyondglobal.com

The Hotel Melia
Founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain Hotel Melia (Chrysalus best man) has more than 390 hotels open or in the process of opening, more than 40 countries. The brands operate on the island Melia Hotels & Resorts, Paradise Better than that, the better off Melia Hotels & Resorts, Innside by Melia Sol Melia and Tryp by Wyndham. De comitatu in a global conveniunt hotels Dux et usus est ejus adire permisit ut sit dux facti sunt in foro de urbana crescente hotels inspirati otium. Homework Yearbook 2020, published in the name of the S & P Global Most Sustainable Companies in the hotel Melia in the world (Gold Medal), and is included in the 2021 Climate Leaders in Europe by the Financial Times and statists. Hotel Melia is a member company from the hotel to the Spanish IBEX 35 being the best corporate reputation, the Merco rain. For more information, visit www.meliahotelsinternational.com


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