Stoimen Stoilov – Courier of Civilizations

There is no easy path to success There is no unbounded path to perfection. The life of Stoimen Stoilov – both personal and creative – is another confirmation of these eminent maxims. God supports his talented hand, but gives him the trials as well as all his beloved beings. The artist was born in Varna.

The collector cultivates and grows over time

This respected craft … Collectibles are written and spoken very much. Just because this phenomenon of manifestation of human spirituality is too old. Already in the Renaissance, in the great Italian cities – such as Florence, Venice, Rome, the cult of ancient beauty and harmony and wealthy people have been erected, and the Papal Court

Stoimen Stoilov – the two allegories

In the days when Mankind has pained on the television screens the vandal destruction of ancient monuments of culture in Mesopotamia, and in Sofia there is a mahchel scandal after the opening of an impressive exhibition of our Thracian treasures in the Louvre, something Renaissance is happening in Varna. Literally a few days ago, the

Valchan Petrov – the hermit from Markovo

Valchan Petrov is one of those artists who do not need literary exercises to build legends about his name. Far from the noisy public rhythm, Valchan has built his world at the foot of the Rhodopes. The Thracian wind barely carries the confused chants of modern man, and his home resembles an early Christian temple