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Rizky Febian Presents Her New Song With Different Music Styles


Rizky Febian re-spawn new work. This time, the talented singer collaborated with Blakat & Bear in a single titled ‘High’. bokep indo

Stafaband Story from the song “High”

DJ’s collaboration single (Blakat & Bear) and the “cukup Tau” singer tells of a man who fell in love at first sight. Her belief in this woman’s love affects all negative opinions about this woman. And his conviction brings him to happiness. bokep jepang

The song “High” with different music features for Rizky

Rizky Febian who is successful with his own path in the music industry this time coupled by electro duo Blakat & Bear in a single titled High. In the song High is the first time we will also listen to the voice of the singer of “Precious Penance” is to the accompaniment of this type of music. bokep

Two and a Half Men Casting

Two and a Half Men series is often deservedly named the No.1 comedy TV show, having millions of admirers throughout the world. Naturally, the news of the fact that the leading actor Charlie Sheen was fired from the show has gained great publicity and caused lots of various rumors. On March 7, 2011 Warner Bros. Television made a decision to fire Sheen from the series, declaring the following: “After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen’s services on ‘Two and a Half Men,’ effective immediately.” Such decision was caused by the actor’s recent erratic behavior and provocative utterance against the show’s co-creator Chuck Lorre and other executives. In consideration of the series’ tremendous popularity, it was decided to continue the show, in consequence of which Two and a Half Men casting has begun to find Charlie Sheen replacement for the continuation of the most sought after TV show currently on air at tvjaya.com.

Two and a Half Men Casting

Two and a Half Men Casting

The search of the new leading actor has set in shortly after the announcement about Sheen’s dismissal was made. A lot of famous actors were rumored to take part in the Two and a Half Men casting to replace Charlie Sheen, including John Rob Lowe, John Stamos, Hugh Grant, and Ashton Kutcher. Beginning from march, Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. executives have contacted Rob Lowe and his agent concerning Rob’s participation in the No.1 CBS sitcom show. However, there have been certain circumstances preventing the actor from joining the series, such as his current acting in NBC comedy Parks and Recreation and the fact that he grew up together with the Sheen family. John Stamos refused to join the show as well, mentioning on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show that he had another plans and wasn’t willing to “replace anyone, especially Charlie Sheen”. Meanwhile, Hugh Grant was named as yet another candidate for the Sheen’s replacement, but the speculations about his participation in Two and a Half Men show instead of Sheen were not confirmed as well.

Eventually, after tons of rumors and guesses, Two and a Half Men casting for Charlie Sheen replacement seems to be finally crowned with success. Ashton Kutcher, famous for starring in The Butterfly Effect and No Strings Attached, has signed a one-year contract to co-star in the Two and a Half Men TV show. In means that at least for the following ninth season of the show all its fans will have an opportunity to watch Kutcher in the leading role of their favorite series and make up their minds about his participation in it. For the time being it is not known whether the show will be continued for the tenth season, and probably it will depend to a large extent on Ashton’s success or failure in the series. Consequently, all admirers of this popular TV show now are looking forward to seeing the next season of Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher in the leading role, definitely hoping that the upcoming season won’t be the last.