Courtyard House Behind The Forest

Courtyard House Behind The Forest is the House which stood in the area of forest as well as on the coast in mercer island, Washington. Sights of this House is the beach area on the side next to it is a temporary mood jungle shade and quiet. Like two different worlds that are obtained with this House. Courtyard House Behind The Forest use wood designed striped on the outside to create a natural look.

This home has a lot of outdoor space on the top floor home to enjoy nature. Courtyard House Behind The Forest is closed at the top, to protect the basement from light and excessive heat of the Sun. At the bottom of nearly all sides of this House using a glass wall that is increasingly helping the project of unification with the nature. Patio and exterior home designed for system creates air circulation, as well as assisted with glass-glass that replaced the wall. entry from the front of the House directly to the main hall. However, in addition to the home side’s staircase to access directly to the upper floor. In this section there is also a small outdoor space into a yard inside the House or can be called with a terrace for Central space.

In the main room of the House interior is formed by some sofas quite white and black to the fireplace. In the middle of the Room there is also a staircase that served as an access to the upper floor, while underneath there is a staircase leading to the basement floor. Stairs used to go to the upstairs room that also covered the glass with a door on the side. It is aiming for a little privacy from access stairs made it obvious because the ladder rises directly in front of the living room.

The main bedroom is on the upper floor with other family activities room The Interior floor of the majority is limited only by the glass wall that looks very open at once to break room has a size of this narrow space. The master bedroom is certainly not going to waste the seascape. Without adding to the building overhanging out, Courtyard House Behind The Forest place bedroom with little hidden so position available space for patio inside. This terrace with excellent privacy, then he covered wall like a regular space that only the front left open to capture the sights.

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