Get the number of heritage Disneyland Maskless video show

  • California, as the pandemic COVID-19 reopens, videos emerged of the access right down to Disneyland.
  • Masses of people without masks stood in line for hours to get into the theme park.
  • A new state policies to allow full capacity will flow to Disneyland, the person is required for coronavirus are fully vaccinated.
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Although the full capability to open this week in a 19-COVID California theme parks in the US continue to decline in the cases and show videos posted online: The maskless to the right people at Disneyland.

Posted on Instagram showing the trees, where I see one that is ready to enter in by the way side advancing towards them, Disneyland, many hours of night. TikTok the video was reposted on several occasions.

Starting this week, are fully vaccinated for visitors who are not required to wear face masks as a coronavirus in the areas of Disney theme parks, the company said. Disneyland, which is not yet at full capacity, the park gradually growing back and welcome visitors, a spokesperson said.

In May, it was reported to the governor, Gavin Newsom California theme parks, all who were able to reach full capacity on June 15, at the same time he turned and dug a place for the whole of the state of the others. Previously, who had been forced to operate at 35% to 15% limits the opportunity to try and slow down the spread of man.

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Some videos TikTok said thousands of people have risen out of the theme park. On Wednesday, one user said had been waiting outside the park ranks behind the park visitors since 5 pm.

Feeds which takes place in the gardens farther than to wear.

A new state guidelines require visitors to be removed to maintain physical requirements to spare. Venues are, it is required to provide the investors with all the persons, places, and is not required to wear masks in the people, but most of all, if he fully, they are vaccinated.

Elit sapien siquis amet venues aut poterit cognoscere quod omnia vaccinated vel a COVID-XIX test negative effectus LXXII horis ante ingressum virtute et parci requiritur sisto vaccination status hospitum visitationis velit de visneto. A new plans will run through October 1, but not to be reassessed on 1 September.

Disneyland, a return to normal with the help of excitement surrounding crowd pandemic recover. Last year, the media giant for nearly $ 5 billion lost due to park closures.

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