Grim outlook for theme parks

By ASILO Jalil / pic by Muhd ​​AMIN NAHARUL

For further at a nationwide lockdown put a strain on June 1 theme parks, which have remained almost completely since the first motion control (MCO 1.0) in March, which is in the last year.

With these lasted nearly a year of the farmer, is still waiting for the green light of the theme parks, however, has driven you, while he prepares himself as a person to steer it before Leptis, a company to reopen the they are adequately covered in the operating procedures (to prepare the broth is to be used), in line with the control of the government has set guidelines.

Song Park on Lagoon Sunway Petaling Jaya, Selangor, was supposed to rise to a new park in the night, in May as well as to extend its hours of operation, but plans are not of this created a feeling the care of a worsening of a delay.

“We are now prepared to park at night, but they have a number of cases differ because I was flocks.

“Looking at these cases, we wait until we have a better report confirmed tonight lorem park ‘Sunway ED ho Calvin Theater The Malaysian Reserve (TMR).

Theme parks in groups – The Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh pool namely Sunway Ikki – operated for only four months in the year 2020 the number of cases has surged to the end.

Also, because most groups have opted to operate at 30% capacity although theme parks allowed to control 50% of the maximum capacity to operate throughout the year.

“We are always cautious with sops and we decided that very stringent precautions. Sops, so they are very well structured to maintain cleanliness and hygiene is called Paradise.”

He previously told TMR and theme parks in groups who have acted quickly on any sailing pandemic in cooperation with other groups and parties are still allowed to operate in the various phases of movement restrictions year.

Meanwhile, the World Water Park in Shah Alam, Selangor was the taste of the customers return year after February when it returns from the farmer.

“Open Wet believed to be in the world and Hari Raya schedules and activities planned to do to attract customers.

“However, the government announced another lockdown, so we hit hard. Sales were doing well if we were allowed to open from February to May,” said Li Wan-Sheng’s theme park business executive TMR lately.

For the duration is uncertain, as is the management farmer, Wan said the team had decided to extend the expiry date, it continues to be sold prior day lockdown.

“While I have the tickets, you can just show them in operation teams, and you can enter the park open.”

Last Friday, the government decided to extend full lockdown for a nationwide June 28.

The developer initially put in a total lockdown on June 1 after a two week daily in many cases exceeded 8,000 cases, pushing the tally at more than 70,000 cases of active cases.

During a lockdown, social and economic sectors are not permitted to operate only through services.

In a special address yesterday, Muhyiddin Yassin said all economic sectors Prime Minister, Tan Sri reopen at the end of the lockdown period with an estimated target of December.

“It is time to move to a low immunity in the case in the public health system is a safe and a silver effect, to slow at the end of the year,” Muhyiddin said.

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