Growtopia Tips : How to Get Gems Growtopia Easily?

  1. Manual Way

There are many ways How to Get Gems Growtopia in manual way in the game. First you can get it by selling clear worlds to other players. Before selling it, you need to make it looks better as it will cost higher with the better design you made. Then, find the world without locks in it, and make the good name for it. You can get many several gems by making cool name to it. You can also find gems by digging the soil in the game, but beware of orange blocks which is actually lava. Do not stand on it, and if you need to pass it then jump over it. If you accidentally stand or step on it, your game will be over as your character have died and you need to begin again from the first.


The next How to Get Gems Growtopia in manual way is by watching the ads video. This was the simplest way even you need to be patient for around 30 seconds to watch the full ads video to gain single gem. If you constantly watching it, you can get around 5 gems in a day. Even so, sometimes this ads video only appear rarely during a day. Another way is by planting all seeds you had and then destroy them. You can gain many seeds by exploring the world and then plant it around your area. After destroying it, you will get many gems and sources.


  1. Using Hacking Tools

Most of Growtopia addict tend to use hacking tool as the way How to Get Gems Growtopia. In fact, this way is the fastest way to get the gems without spending some dollars like when buying the gems through the game shop. You can go to the Growtopia hack website, and fill your ID users and how many gems you want. Afterward, the gems will be credited to your Growtopia account. In exchange, you need to fill some surveys available on the page.



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