How naive should you be to make art in Bulgaria?

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On April 7th, we gathered on our next Evening Evenings to look for the answer to the above question and to hear stories from several inspiring people who linked their professional and personal lives to culture. Not that which is, but the living culture of the present, that which is happening here and now. The one that is our contemporary face to Europe and the world. Personal transformation and development, with their challenges for the young artist – the stories of the special edition of Evening Evenings were united around this theme .

Difficult or easy to create here? Are artistic failures more artistic?

We have heard stories about good ideas and bad stories of circumstances, overcoming difficulties and people who do not give up because they know it makes sense.


Vesselina Sarieva expresses its brilliant identity and succeeds in her own poetry (her debut poetry “Ots” goes out in 2006), prose and enthusiasm to stir the cultural life in Bulgaria. In 2004, together with her mother Catherine Sarieva, they founded SARIEV GALLERY in Plovdiv and have since been committed to promoting modern Bulgarian art. Several years later, the possibilities are increasing and Vesselina Sarieva supports the authors and the bigger events of public significance – it is the main engine behind the Night of Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv, it manages the OPEN ARTS Foundation with all her projects, dissolves in her own artnewscafe. Vesselina Sarieva leads an active policy for the presentation of Bulgarian contemporary art at the international level. Regularly, the Bulgarian selections of the gallery are attended by ViennaFair, ArtInternational Istanbul, Shanghai Contemporary and Roma Contemporary.


  • Boris Delchev

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Boris Delchev is an interior designer who keeps the interior to think more like a work of art. Before becoming the author of many prestigious projects around the world, Boris graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Sofia, then went to Paris where he graduated from the National Art Academy of Boz Ar and later at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Van der Kelen in Brussels. The projects he is currently working on sound almost unreal – the Geneva Palace of the Saussure family, the Paris palace, once belonged to the duke of Gesvres, now home to the top decorators, Sharier and Ashkar. Together with the latter, Delchev started work on the project – Versailles. For the first time, French state institutions entrusted a project of paramount historical importance to a private investor and contractor.


  • Peter Dundakov

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Peter Dundakov is a composer. In 2005 he graduated from the Conservatory in Rotterdam and before graduating in 1997 as a philosopher at Sofia University. In the 1990s, he was part of the electronic formation “Tibetan Hearts”. He writes music for different compositions in contemporary classical music and jazz. As a participant in international projects, his music has been performed in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Spain and Austria. He is the author of music for a number of films, theatrical and dance performances.




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