Opinion | Kim McGahey: Steps of the Conservative Ladder

According to the Summit County Clerk and Registrar’s Office, there are a total of 21,834 registered voters in Summit County, of which 3,843 are registered Republicans. While unlikely, it’s possible that some of the 10,884 registered unaffiliated voters are also right-wing voters who just don’t want a party tag attached to them. But that is questionable in the liberal desert of Summit County.

So, for our purposes today, there are about 4,000 center-right voters in Summit County. I bet it would be a surprise to many locals if most of these voters were pro-choice, and here’s why:

  • We choose not to wear a mask, a symbol of government oppression and control of individuals.
  • We choose not to be vaccinated by order of the government. If it is our choice or that of our employer, so be it. But a government mandate is out of the question.
  • We choose to boycott the businesses and sports leagues that support the agendas of awakened social warriors like Coke, Delta Airlines, Gillette, MLB, NBA and any local Summit County businesses that advocate for social justice.
  • We choose to purchase products and services from local businesses that are in keeping with our conservative philosophy.
  • We choose not to let the cancel culture intimidate us with hate letters to the editor of Summit Daily News, name changes to the Gore lineup, or vitriolic labels like the ubiquitous race card.
  • We choose to stand up and sing loudly during our national anthem whenever it is played in a public forum like Summit High School soccer and hockey games.
  • We choose to remove our hats as a sign of respect and patriotism whenever the American flag is paraded through our main streets in Summit County.
  • We choose to support and defend our local police, firefighters and first responders.
  • We choose to support Donald Trump as one of America’s greatest presidents and to seriously question every decision made by President Joe Biden and his master puppeteers.
  • We choose to question the judgment of the Summit Board of County Commissioners and all of our Liberal city councils until they prove they are making decisions that do not erode our individual freedoms.
  • We choose to have Georgia in mind because we carefully appreciate that state’s recent voter integrity expansion legislation as a model for how Colorado might expand our election laws.
  • We choose not to allow critical race theory and any other liberal indoctrination to invade our Summit School District school board through its big city, left-wing administrators.
  • We are choosing the “The Wealth of Nations” capitalism that has served America, Colorado and Summit County well for hundreds of years over the “Animal Farm” socialism that our liberal leaders are now trying to implement. all levels.
  • We choose First Amendment civil liberties over state security, which reflects a Benjamin Franklin saying that the country that trades freedom for security will certainly have neither.
  • We choose to ignore Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, which was the subject of Hillary Clinton’s master’s thesis and the daily playbook of self-proclaimed community organizers like Barack Obama.
  • We choose to be knowledgeable, thinking Americans in Summit County, eager to debate relevant current events in the public arena, and not to be a CNN Don Lemming.
  • We choose not to shut up and stand in line, but rather to question authority, stand up for what is right, and speak the truth to power in all public forums and around our dinners.
  • We choose to worship God over government as the guiding principle that our founders used to found the Declaration of Independence and our US Constitution, which kept God in our government, our schools, and our homes. Without God we are lost.
  • Above all, we choose the freedom, which made America the greatest, most benevolent, most productive and most humanitarian nation in human history by enabling self-government of the the people, by the people and for the people.

It’s the rungs of our pro-choice ladder that allow us to keep climbing ever higher and keeping the American Dream alive above 9,000 feet.

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