Orange County tourism dollars of tax collections to dip slightly compared to March, April

Orange County, Fla. – While ninety six months, tax collections from the hotel and resort stays in Los Angeles have certain characteristics to be higher than the period last year, the highest number of tourist tax dollars collected in April was slightly lower than the number collected in March, according to the Comptroller’s latest report from Los Angeles office.

For when for the first time for a full year, brought back the wealth itself grew tdt Los Angeles, the month of March. April’s collections released by the weekly news briefing Wednesday coronavirus.

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According to the Comptroller Phil Diamond’s office, the tourism company collected $ 17,032,100 tax dollars for a month of April. While that is about $ 600,000 less than the $ 17.6 million collected in March, it’s still a significant increase – 2,040.5%, according to the office’s, comptroller – compared to the historical low tdt collections from April 2020, with the theme parks and many from the coronavirus pandemic in the tourism industry as a whole has seen monthslong shutdowns.

From a historic day: April 2021 to April 2019 collections were 34.2% and less than $ 8,854,300 in April last month in a pre-pandemic, comptroller, the office wrote in the monthly report. Diamond’s job is also said to be far less than any amount collected in all pre-2013 since April pandemic.

The chart below, comptroller, provided a job, provides per year looking for many years, but tdt collections in Los Angeles at the start of 2018-19 soccer bandwidth throughout the year.


April 2021 tdt dollars. (WKMG)

While a slow tdt dollars then, after returning to the chart, where would have been nowhere near as months, in comparison with the Premier. TDT $ 25 million in April 2019 were above compared with $ 17 million collected during the same period this year.

Still, they say they remain hopeful minister was accompanied by bouncing back in the tourism industry, especially those who have paid some of its 500 recommendations COVID 19-in-wearing person, and fully removed from social travel to those who are vaccinated.

“Here begins the chart in 2019 was high back, which is moved through 2020 and drop some like Disney Tower of Terror, and in April last year, it’s now ask back. And you know, looking at these numbers, whether it’s a 97% drop or 2,000% growth seems to be linked to the tourist tax for a year could rival the concerns in some roller coasters in all of our theme parks, “said Diamond Wednesday. “So looking out on the vaccination of very positive numbers, and upon hearing the good news COVID, who were infections, it’s very clear that the future looks promise.”


In the meantime, the company continues to tdt Reserve dollars to meet funding obligations. According to the latest report of the comptroller, the company is the use of the money, $ 7.2 million to the relief of his own in April. The majority of that money was used to Make Payments visiting Orlando ($ 1.9 million), Arts and the Cultural Affairs ($ 1.3 million) in the history of Units ($ 775K), and $ 2.6 million to fund the Convention Center’s 30-day operating the resource according to Diamond’s office. In total, $ 145.0 million used for the company as a reserve by April next year.

Tdt revenue collections are reported a month later time. Tdt numbers reported for May and early July.

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