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“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” was changed to “Dreamers of all ages,” the pre-recorded announcements fireworks show at Disney theme parks.

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July fireworks nightly shows at Disney theme parks in the United States, the language’s anger is a kind of change in a pre-recorded announcements.

Element present exhibitions and conferences in the Disney once began to Disneyland “Good evening and women, boys and girls ages dreaming.”

Announcement begins, “Good evening and dreamers of all ages.” When they heard the words of the revised prior to the Visitators on Wednesday, he began to look away from the trial in the parade, with shows, made his debut formally on the Lord’s-day, and I told the Orange County Register.

The show followed the procession to other responsibilities held When the coronavirus pandemic feet.

The wording of the new Disney reflects the recent policy changes promoting inclusiveness, in order to compare the lorem “Cruise mass” and “Splash Mountain” attractions, reported deadline.

“It is a broader part of the effort,” a Disney spokesperson said CBS. “It’s not about one or two things.”

Some fans were not about the wording of the new.

“Disney gets more ridiculous every day, “wrote one person football alcohol.

“I hate that. Lead ALREADY !!! “Wrote another.

However, others like to change.

“I love you, Dreamers of all ages is what truly makes Snuggly over the magical“Picking a Twitter post one. “It’s the more welcome.”

Carl Sweeney, Editor of the newspaper reporter and California for more than 25 years. He was itself based on real-time how See Sacramento 2016.

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