Three Best Places in the World for Travel Photography

Traveling photography is one of the trends done by most millennial people nowadays. It is because photography is as easy as with your phone and most people love to share their travel photography on kinds of social media.To make amazing pictures during traveling, you should choose the right place as traveling destination. Find the three best destinations in the world for travel photography below.


Norway is one of most beautiful destinations to travel to and it is perfect for travel photography with the mountains, glaciers, as well as the fjords that are the world’s deepest. Besides, you can see the Viking maritime culture from the 9th century in Oslo and the colorful old houses made from wood in the Bergen historic cities. The Lofoten Islands in the north Arctic Circle always offers aurora borealis in winter and night sun in summer. You can make amazing shots while sitting on the 2000’ fjord peak. Feel the heart beating sensation for taking such challenging travel photography.


Dubai is a great country to travel where you can get the photography that rewrites history. On the other hand, the country also has become the symbols of urbanism and development. There are many interesting objects for your travel photography, including the architecture, the building concept and also the exploding of humanity paradox in less water desert.Take all of the objects as your best shots while traveling to Dubai.


Since many years ago, Hawaii has been well known for its amazing tropical beauty. It has four main islands including Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, and Maui. The Hawaii Islands are popular with the high and rough cliffs, numerous tropical orchids, and beaches with different sand colors and the Pacific Ocean surrounding. Taking the travel photography will be also very interesting when you enjoy surfing on the big wave, historic watersports culture, and kiteboarding. Additionally, Hawaii is also interesting for the native culture that regularly holds annual events, reserving heritage sites and maintaining the museums.

The Hawaii National Park could become the best place to take your travel photography shots. It is one of few places globally where you can see active lava flowing into the ocean directly. The constant changing carving of light, color, water and the geology look so amazing. Shoot the pictures using the slow shutter. You can also get much information about tourist attractions and tips here to know everything that you want to know about travel.

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