What to know before hitting the road on the weekend of July 4th

With experts predicting more than 137 million people will take to the roads over the weekend of July 4.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – As the United States slowly puts the pandemic in the rearview mirror, more and more people are starting to feel comfortable hitting the roads over the weekend. Travel experts have said there are important steps to take before leaving to celebrate July 4.

With Americans already packed and ready to go, the number of people on the roads is higher than most areas have seen in a long time.

“To give you an order of magnitude, approximately 137 million Americans will be on the road this weekend alone, just for July 4,” said Clarissa Niese, customer manager at Tire Discounters.

Since most people have driven less in the past year, experts also said they want to make sure drivers use caution when navigating busy highways over the weekend. They are also urging people to have their cars inspected before going on a road trip.

“What we are finding is that because they haven’t been on the road as much in the last year, they need some repairs,” Niese said.

With around 50% of drivers hitting the roads this weekend, they stress the importance of getting the little things checked.

“We take for granted the vehicle that we always expect to perform exactly the way we expect it to perform,” she said.

Before hitting the road, Niese also said there are four essential things to check: tires, battery, brakes and wipers. Drivers should also make sure they don’t forget to change the oil.

“Make sure driving is safe. Many of us take driving for granted, and we need to make sure it is safe for all of us on the roads,” Niese said.

July 4th is a particularly difficult time for drivers, even at times when most do not miss practice. They encourage people to demonstrate safe travel etiquette and keep both eyes on the lookout while on the road.

Drivers should also make sure to leave enough space between them and the car in front of them to brake.

They said traffic authorities and experts made it a priority to keep everyone as safe as possible over the weekend of July 4, taking care not only of themselves but of all other drivers on the road.

Many auto stores across Knoxville will actually check some of the most important things about cars for free, such as tire pressure, oil levels, and the condition of a car’s brakes.

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