Windsor library that made sex shows fired by her employer

The woman who produced steamy sex shows for audiences online in public places, which would include public libraries in Windsor, Ont., Has been fired by her employer.

A lawyer for a US-based company that offers live webcam performances by female models said the woman was fired for breaking company rules.

Attorney Lawrence Walters of the Walters Law Group in Longwood, Fla., Said the woman was a model contract for the website.

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Walters said in an email Wednesday that the woman was fired “for violating company policies posted on the website.”

Among the things that are “absolutely prohibited” on camera by are “actions that may be considered obscene in your community” and “men in front of the camera for any reason.”

Police say they are convinced some of the videos were shot at Windsor library branches and the woman would cover up when people walked by.

Videos circulating the web show the woman exposing herself and masturbating, police say.

“We’re aware that this type of thing happens on the web, but when that person chooses to put this in a public space, it becomes a concern for us,” Sgt. Matthew D’Asti said earlier this week.

She used her own laptop to stream the videos, D’Asti said.

Police believe the young woman also used the Tim Hortons cafes as the venue for her shows, but don’t know where they are because each one is so generic.

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D’Asti predicted they would find the woman because she is “clearly visible in the videos.”

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